The Treasure Valley Aquarium Club was founded in June 2011 by a group of Idaho aquarium hobbyists. The objective of TVAC is to promote the freshwater aquarium hobby; by promoting fellowship, providing information and education in the humane and responsible treatment of aquarium animals, and the furtherance of knowledge in all aspects of keeping freshwater aquatic life and plants.

We hold quarterly face to face meetings. Two of them are swap meet meetings and two will be project meetings where we will have a speaker or learn how to do a DIY project.

On the months were we do not have face to face meetings, we hold online meetings in our chat room. See the TVAC Activity Calendar for more info.

While we are based in the Treasure Valley we have members from all over the state and surrounding states. New members are always welcome! Please read the rules listed under "Guests Message" at our forum. If you can abide by the rules then please register and introduce yourself.


Dues are currently $10 per year per household. This helps cover the cost of our web presence. Payment of dues is not mandatory to use the forum or any of TVAC's resources, but keep in mind it does take money to keep our web presence running. We will accept any donated amount you wish to provide. TVAC is a state registered non-profit corporation.

Are you a salty in search of a saltwater club? Check out the Idaho Marine Aquarium Society.

UPDATE- 3/12/2012 If you experiencing technical difficulties logging in to the TVAC Forum; the login screen seems to be caught in a loop of making you log in over and over. You need clear your cookies and cache and delete your old bookmarks to TVAC and recreate the bookmark once you are able to login again. Click here for more information.

.: Monthy Photo Contest Winner!

Ladies and Gents our March 2013 Photo Contest Winner is~


rostick-discus! With his photo of beautiful cardinal shrimp.

Congrats also go out to robiesicon with a wonderful shot of her bee shrimp. See them in our gallery.


You could be our next months winner!

Submit your entry; visit the forum and look in the Gallery for more info.

The winning photo will be on display here until the next months winner is chosen.

All winners of the monthly photo contest will be put into the TVAC photo of the year contest!